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Level 2 and 3 Processing

Q Solutions specializes in level 2 and 3 processing. These types of processing allow business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) customers to qualify for the lowest interchange rates possible.
B2B and B2G payment card processing differs from consumer card processing or level 1 processing. Level 2 and 3 processing require additional system capabilities to include the extra information that goes into these types of processing, which Q Solutions provides. These types of processing create substantial savings opportunities for B2B and B2G customers. We can save our B2B and B2G customers thousands of dollars a month by reducing card fees through better interchange rates using level 2 and 3 processing.
At Q Solutions, we help our customers become more competitive in the marketplace through our PCI-compliant card processing solutions that increase cash flow and improve the bottom line. Discover what level 2 and 3 processing capabilities can do for your business.

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