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Loyalty Cards

When you provide your customers with rewards and discounts for shopping with your business, you can keep them coming back! Nothing makes doing so easier than with a loyalty card program.
A loyalty card program gives customers a personalized experience with your business. It makes them feel recognized and welcome. Plus, loyalty cards enable you to track your customers' spending habits, so you can better understand your customers, build stronger relationships with them, and create more relevant and effective rewards and promotions.
How it works
Q Solutions makes it easy to start a loyalty card program at your business. Once set up, the simple process works like this:
  • Customers sign up for your loyalty program in your store, by text or online.
  • The loyalty transaction and purchase data is captured at POS and stored in the specific database.
  • You can then evaluate customer data. You'll have the ability to identify specific customer trends and behaviors.
Mobile rewards for loyalty programs
With our mobile rewards feature, you can integrate mobile rewards with your loyalty card program. You'll be able to send automatic updates to customers based on their visits and spending habits. You can also use your current credit card terminals and POS system to track your program.

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