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Gift Cards

Gift cards are quickly becoming the preferred gift-giving method for many consumers. Give your customers the convenience of this option by starting a gift card program at your business. A well-managed gift card program can drive business growth and increase your customer base.
Plastic gift cards vs. paper gift certificates
Plastic gift cards give added value for your customers, and these cards also create additional revenue for your business.
If a customer returns merchandise to your business, with magnetized gift cards you can credit the dollars onto a gift card instead of refunding in cash. Doing so requires the customer to make another purchase at your location. With paper gift certificates, unused portions of the certificate value are typically redeemed for cash rather than goods and services.
Plus, plastic gift cards are easy to issue, redeem, track and reconcile. Our online reporting tools allow you to see each transaction in detail. With plastic gift cards, you can also reload the card and encourage a customer to add more value to an already-activated card.
Additional marketing
Gift cards make for easy advertising. Our template programs provide you with an inexpensive way to ease into a gift card program. You can also choose our customized program, where you'll design your own card to fit your brand. Q Solutions also offers point-of-sale materials to encourage customers to pick up your gift cards.
Mobile rewards for gift cards
With our mobile rewards feature, you can integrate mobile rewards with your gift card program. You'll be able to send automatic updates to customers based on their visits and spending habits. You can also use your current credit card terminals and POS system to track redemption of the cards.

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