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Pinless Debit Cards

Give your customers added convenience by choosing to accept pinless debit cards. When you accept a pinless debit transaction, you can save more than 30% on traditional MasterCard or Visa offline debit card fees. This new transaction type works well for emerging markets, such as bill pay for tuition, utilities, automotive lending, consumer finance, membership dues and more.
Advantages of pinless debit cards include::
  • Low fraud risk
  • Reduced processing expenses, as Visa and MasterCard fees and dues don't apply
  • You only have one fee - a pinless debit fee from the debit network
  • Capped processing fees (varies by industry)
  • Payment Routing to Debit Networks (STAR, NYCE, PULSE)
  • Real-time transaction approvals
If you want to accept pinless debit cards at your business, Q Solutions will educate you about the requirements needed to do so.

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