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Chargeback Prevention

Just because your business accepts credit cards doesn't mean you have to accept the chargebacks that often come with processing them. At Q Solutions, we work with our customers to help them avoid costly chargebacks. We do this by actively pursuing chargeback tools in the industry, and then educating our customers about how to avoid these fees.
See how we can reduce chargeback expenses:
We offer a fraud-prevention tool that is free to all of our customers. This tool helps you determine if you should accept payment from a particular customer or not, depending on if they're suspected for fraudulent activity.
In the event you do receive a chargeback, we can help you easily research the chargeback, as well as resolve it. We can guide you through the process of working through your chargeback, including the reason you received the payment, the method in which you accepted the payment, and any other factors. This process gives you all of the information you need to fight the chargeback.

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