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Check Verification

When you use our check processing services at Q Solutions, you'll have access to a national database that can help protect your business from the losses of returned checks.
This database contains more than 180 million positive records and 28 million negative records, essentially accounting for a knowledge of about 95 percent of the checks written in retail nation-wide. With access to these records, you can identify customers who have recently conducted an unusual level of check writing, or those with relatively new accounts, before you accept a check.
Personalized service that lets you make the decisions
Unlike other check authentication databases, this database provides you with objective information before declining a check. You know your customers better than a computer programmer. That's why this database gives you a warning based on established rules, and then allows you, the store manager, to decide whether or not to accept the check. That way your customers' checks won't be needlessly declined.
Provided by 280 collection agencies, with more than 180,000 contributing merchant locations, including some of the largest retailers in the nation, this database is one of the most comprehensive and trusted check verification databases available.
Payroll verification option
As an added convenience for customers, Q Solutions also offers payroll verification. Like our standard check verification systems, payroll checks are also verified against a national database. You'll receive declines and warnings based on set standards.

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