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One Time ID Tender

You want your customers, especially your regular customers, to feel appreciated. Requiring long-time customers to pull out their identification every time they visit your business can make them feel less welcome.
Q Solutions offers a solution to help you maintain positive relationships with customers. Through one time ID tender, we can enable every customer who writes a check to automatically be accepted (unless that customer has negative data in the system).
How it works
For a short period (typically 30 days) we will gather history on customers who write checks at your business. Then, at the end of the set period, we will implement a change to only ask for an ID on any customer who we have not seen in the past 30 days.
We can also prompt for the ID on any check in which we do not have an ID attached in the national database we use. This means that the prompt for the ID will happen only once. After we key in the ID and cross-reference the ID to any other outstanding checks on that ID, that customer will be approved. Then, the next time we process that customer's check, we will already have the ID on file. Re-prompts on an ID will occur a year after the ID was originally presented to refresh the data.

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