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ACH Processing

Some merchants find that ACH (Automatic Clearing House) processing works better for their businesses than credit cards. This payment method gives customers an additional payment option, and provides you with another means to complete the sale.
ACH processing works similarly to a paper check. This method allows customers to purchase goods or services via a company's website, billing system or call center with their personal or business checking account. Like paper checks, these payments must clear (and may bounce), but some merchants prefer to accept ACH payments as a convenience for their customers. Plus, ACH processing can be more affordable than credit card processing.
At Q Solutions, we're committed to providing you with the security your business needs to keep from accepting fraudulent checks. Our check verification solutions crosscheck submitted information, like bank account structures, against a national database.
How it works
ACH processing starts through a web-based virtual terminal that checks the customer's checking account and routing number. Q Solutions verifies the customer's information against a national database, and the ACH is processed. Payments are still processed via a checking account (not a credit card account), and are automatically deducted. The virtual terminal also allows customers to set up a recurring ACH payment each month.
Learn more about the features of our check processing solutions:

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