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Frequently Asked Questions

With so many options, we know the payment processing industry can be confusing for merchants. You’re searching for the right products and services for your business, but the amount of information out there can easily make it an overwhelming task.
At Q Solutions, we’re committed to educating our clients about the payment processing industry. This list of frequently asked questions is just one way we provide you with the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for the future of your business.
What are the charges for credit card processing?
Charges vary based on the type of business and the way in which the credit cards are accepted and processed. Charges are based on a discount rate, which is a percentage of the dollar volume that is processed. Usually there is also a per item transaction fee. For those businesses that are currently processing, we conduct an analysis of your current statement and then provide you with the most competitive rates.
Can I use the terminal I already have, or do I need a new terminal?
Our integration specialists can usually reprogram any piece of equipment. Simply verify your equipment type with one of our sales representatives.
Can you provide me with credit card processing through my website?
Yes, we can offer you online credit card processing, check services, and shopping cart.
I have bad credit. Can I still get a merchant account?
Absolutely, we have several options for you at rates equal to those with good credit.
How long does it typically take for me to see my funds in the bank?
At Q Solutions, funds are typically deposited in 24-48 hours.
Are the credit card discount charges taken daily or monthly?
This is up to you. Daily means that the discounts are taken out of the settled batch and the net amount is funded into your bank. Monthly means that all funds are deposited into your bank account, and then the charges are debited from your account at the end of the month. Please note that there may be an extra charge for monthly discount.
Do I have to settle my terminal every day?
Yes, you should settle your batch daily to avoid higher fees. Depending on your terminal, we can set you up on auto-settle for your convenience. Auto-settle will automatically batch your terminal at a specified time.
I don’t swipe many cards, why is my rate so high?
Non-swiped transactions are less secure and are prone to higher incidences of consumer fraud. A great way to lower your non-swiped rate is by utilizing AVS (address verification system). This is a secured form of keyed transactions that offers you better than typical non-swiped rates offered by most other companies.
If I don’t have a pin pad can I still accept debit cards?
Yes, you can. As long as the debit cards have the Visa or MasterCard logo, they will go through as a credit card transaction. If you have a pin pad, you will have only a transaction fee without a % from Visa and MasterCard. There is a small fee that the debit networks charge, but we simply pass that through to you.

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